The Brewstometer can also be used for artists and creative practitioners working in education who would like to be considered for inclusion in a directory of quality assured Creative Partners on the Creativity Portal. Creative Partners can ask educational organisations they are working with to use the Brewstometer to help evaluate their work. The Brewstometer will be one of a number of elements considered in a quality assurance process.

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Brewstometer Activity

The Brewstometer introduces the principles of creativity and helps you to evaluate any creative experience that you have had recently. This might have been a lesson, a workshop, a performance or project.

The Brewstometer will help you and your learners to think back and reflect on the experience, how it made you feel, how successful it was, and ultimately how creative everyone was being.

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If you have any questions about Brewstometer, please do not hesitate to contact us on brewstometer@educationscotland.gsi.gov.uk.

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Directory of quality assured Creative Partners

The Creativity Portal offers a directory of Creative Partners that are skilled and experienced in working in partnership with learning organisations. The directory is managed by Creative Scotland.

If an artist, creative practitioner or organisation asks you to feedback on their work, with a view to being included in the Creativity Portal's directory of Creative Partners; you should click on the link below. You will need your login details for Glow (Scotland's secure educational intranet).

Once the Brewstometer feeds back three excellent, independent results about a creative practitioner or a creative organisation Creative Scotland will ask them for further evidence which will help build a portfolio of their work. All collated evidence of the individual or organisation will be discussed at a panel meeting made up of Creative Scotland and Education Scotland staff and independent creative professionals for consideration on the Creativity Portal's directory of Creative Partners.  Panel meetings will take place approximately 3 times a year according to demand. Click the button below to feedback on a creative partner.

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"Creative learning and teaching is the most fulfilling route to both deep learning, and a rounded adulthood."

- Scotland's Creative Learning Plan